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Another leaked video purportedly showing entertainment lawyer Samuel Seow assaulting another female staff has been uploaded online on Youtube by an anonymous user.

This is the 2nd leaked video after a longer version showing a separate incident of assault against two other employees was published by the same Youtube account yesterday (Apr 25).

Samuel, 46, is the managing director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation and the owner of the C-list artiste management firm, Beam Artistes.

2nd leaked video appears to involve a different employee

Based on the video timestamp, the 2nd video happened on Apr 17, 2018 at 17:47. The 1st video happened on the same day at 17:53. Based on footage analysis, it appears a different girl was involved.

The video is muted so we are unable to determine the cause but the 1-minute long footage showed what appears to be Samuel Seow slapping and shoving an unidentified girl.

See the video below: