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Paningning is an adorable Shih Tzu pup has a favourite sleeping position that has netizens going ga-ga over her.

Besides her soft puppy belly and a teddy bear face, she catches her z’s almost as if someone had flicked her ‘off switch’. She sleeps on her back with arms akimbo and tummy exposed — it’s hilarious and it goes a little something like this:


Born this way

The youngest of the litter born to Baobei, Cua’s dog, she was the only tri-coloured pup. Her owners initially wanted to name her ‘Maningning’, which means bright in Filipino because of her special colouring amongst her siblings but eventually decided on her now famous moniker.

Evidently, Paningning is very comfortable with this sleeping position because she’s been sleeping like this since she was born.

Shining bright

Maningning or not, she’s clearly a star on her Instagram account (@therealpaninging). Paningning became a viral internet sensation when Janess Cua, her proud owner, uploaded her debut photos to the Facebook group, Dog Lovers.

The account was initially started by an adoring fan and turned over to her owner so that fans could stay updated with new photos and videos of this pampered pooch Paningning now was garnered over 117,000 followers and she’s all grown up now.

Let’s hope she doesn’t snore, because the cuteness level of this pupper is already too much for us to take.