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If you love cows but worry about the garden-space your humble abode can offer for your bovine friend, fret not. For mini cows truly exist.

Miniature cows, cattle or bovine or whatever you want to you call them are simply adorable. They also produce milk like regular cows but don’t need as much sun-drenched space to roam freely.

They are naturally endemic only in certain parts of the world like India and Ireland but modern farms now specialize in selective breeding to produce pet mini cows, like this one in Colorado, U.S called Lovable Little Ones.

According to the farm, mini cows make “exceptional pets” because they have a great deal of affection, social and easy to care for. We’re completely sold.

What’s even better, is that you can get the miniature version ofย various cattle breeds. Here they are:

Miniature Belted Galloway

Source: Hotfrog Australia

Mini furry oreos.

Mini Scottish Highland

The most expensive of the lot but also the fluffiest. Just look at those luscious locks, Scottish Highlanders can retail for up to $6,500 (S$ 8,950) per calf, that’s about 6 times more expensive than a mini Zebu ( pictured below).


Source: White Dexter

How cute are these white Dexter cows? Born and bred in Ireland, this is their natural size which is owed to the fact that the mountains they originated from had lack of resources. The “poor man’s cow” is perfect for naturalists and are really low maintenance.

Jersey Mini-Cows

Source: Silver Lake Ranch

How does it look so soft.

Mini Herefords

Source: Nanchas Miniature Herefords

Docile, and fluffy. Just the way mini cows are meant to be.

Mini Texas Longhorns

Source: PxHere

For the adventurous, Texas Longhorns are famous for their huge horns but their mini versions are equally as reminiscent of the wild, wild west but less aggressive.

Miniature Zebu

Source: That’s Farming

Naturally petite in size and from India, they are thought to be the oldest cattle breed in the world.

Mini Holsteins

Source: Loved by minifarm

Our dreams of reenactingย that scene from The Sound of Music might just come true.

For reference, they measure up to only 36 to 42 inches at the hipโ€” half the size of a full-sized cow so that’s also half the amount of methane emissions.

Perhaps mini cows are the perfect family pet because their social nature would fit in with the family, don’t need much space (compared to a full-sized one) and will provide milk for the whole family.

There’s also an argument on how mini cows could save the planet. Pros aside, we’d snatch one up in a jiffy based on how cute they are alone.