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A movie theatre in Chinaโ€™s Hangzhou City came up with what is probably the most original way to celebrate the year of the dog.

Forgoing the standard ban on admitting entry to animals, the Hangzhou-based cinema opened its doors to its regular visitors and their four-legged canine friends. Unsurprisingly, the movie of the night was the Dogโ€™s Journey – a comedy-drama movie that explores the boundless friendship between dogs and their owners.

Over 300 movie-goers flocked to the screening to share a rare and touching opportunity to bond with their four-legged friends. Many visitors remarked that the cinema hall was left in a squeaky clean condition after the screening, noting that dog owners turned out to be more responsible in cleaning up their mess than the regular visitors.

The event hasnโ€™t gone without its fair share of online criticism. A number of online users in China raised concerns about allowing dogs entry into public places. โ€œA lot of dogs are easily scared, the sound in movie theaters can be very loud and with so many people and dogs there, theyโ€™d be uneasyโ€ฆ Iโ€™d rather take my dog to play in the park.โ€ – said a Chinese user on one of the social networking platforms.

The concerns of bringing dogs to a public place like the cinema were quickly put to rest by a cinema employee – “The dogs were disciplined. There was no furious barking, urinating or defecating. The theater had a pooper-scooper and other clean-up tools at the ready, โ€œ he said.

A professional veterinarian was also hired by the cinema management to be present during the screening to offer assistance upon request.

H/T: Radiichina | Baomoi | CGTN