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Swedish furniture giant Ikea, has taken the internet by storm with their ‘Real Life Series’. Here’s why: their latest United Arab Emirates advertising campaign has gallantly recreated the most iconic TV show living rooms— entirely out of their inventory (read: you can buy Monica Geller’s couch at Ikea prices).

Each living space was painstakingly curated from the furniture retailer’s extensive gigantic catalog and 3D-enhanced to recreate the famous hangout spaces from The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things.

The room ‘sets’ have been separated into inconspicuous-sounding names such as ‘room for mates’, ‘room for everyone’ and ‘room for families’, but we saw what you did there.

Without further adieu here are the most famous living rooms in popular culture that ignites nostalgia of those better days (spent in front of the television):

Room for Mates— Friends.

Oh the 90’s, what a time to be alive. May the memories you create in this space be as iconic as the show’s best moments.

You can now put your feet up on Monica Geller’s coffee table—’Lack’— for just $ 95!

Room for Everyone— Netflix’s Stranger Things

Source: Ikea

Let’s face it, fans to Stranger Things are no strangers to the Byers’ living room (“my boyy!”).

Who ever thought fairy lights and that red-and-white striped couch could look so good together. Oh, and Winona’s, I mean—Joyce Byers’ ’Fenomen’ candles are a bargain at $29!


Room for Families— The Simpsons

Source: Ikea

We saved the best for last. The detail in this recreation is absolutely stunning, from the askew painting to the famous pumpkin-coloured couch.

Did Springfield have an Ikea store? Because that ‘Lattjo’ rug is just literally, Marge and Homer’s rug. Plus, we heard that Ikea is even going to lengths to stock up on same shade of pink and green paint so that customers could have their living room just so.

Behind the Campaign

According to the managing director for Ikea in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman, Vinod Jayan, the stunning result was the result of tireless effort by the Ikea team and the creatives (their agency, Publicis Spain) who went through hundreds of items to find the perfect pieces.

He told Adweek ( ),

It was a great collaborative effort that led up to a stunning result. A true testament of what IKEA represents: a place where everyone can bring whatever idea they see or have to life.

— Vinod Jayan, managing director for Ikea in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman.

With the tagline, ‘For Real Families’, Ikea just knows how to pull at our heartstrings by paying homage to our most beloved TV shows (they are real). Let’s hope they’ll continue to recreate more iconic living spaces from TV’s cult classics in time to come.