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Entertainment lawyer Samuel Seow might be in hot soup again after a leaked video of the 2018 assault incident showed a different account of what happened as opposed to what he told the press then.

Samuel, 46, is the managing director of Samuel Seow Law Corporation and the owner of the C-list artiste management firm, Beam Artistes.

Background of case

In May 2018, a police report was lodged against Samuel for alleged physical and verbal assault against two former employees, one of whom is his niece.

An audio file of the alleged incident, which went viral at the time, recorded a commotion lasting over 10 minutes at the office of Samuel Seow Law Corporation. Several parties were also heard urging him to โ€œcool downโ€ in the recording.

A secretary who tried to intervene was also allegedly shoved to the ground by Mr Seow, said the police report.

The police reports were later dropped after both parties resolved the matter amicably.

Samuel denied assaulting employees

According to Today, Samuel claimed at the time that he did not assault ex-staff. Instead, he questioned the โ€œcoincidentalโ€ timing of the police report, which was lodged two days after he had fired the employee.

The police report also alleged that Samuel had shoved another secretary who tried to intervene, but he denied it and said he had โ€œaccidentallyโ€ knocked her to the ground when he turned around.

Leaked video shows assault happened and it was not ‘accidental’

The 6-minute long video leaked by an anonymous user, revealed Samuel assaulted two employees – one of whom was his niece, and an older lady believed to be one of his secretary.

Here’s a video snippet that disproves Samuel claims:

The rest of the video clearly showed Samuel using excessive force against his employees. As of now, the lawyer has not release any statement.

You can see the 6-minute long video below:

Here’s a youtube version: