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Well, almost guilt-free.ย  Environmentally speaking, this strawless glass cup for bubble tea eliminates the little conscience tug-of-war you face from the plastic straw debacle with every order of your favourite milk tea and toppings.

If bamboo or metal straws just weren’t your thing, two students from the Shih Chien University Taipei Campus might have the solution for you.

Mickey Wu and Fang Shih seem to have come up with the perfect conscious solution to sip on that refreshing milky goodness of your milk tea with the pearls, sans the straws.

And it looks pretty sleek.

A reusable cup that just “floats”

Source: FLOAT

The dynamic duo has cheekily named their design “Float“. Like it’s namesake, the design stays strawless by separating the pearls or other favourite toppings in a small inner cup container, holding the toppings so that it sits on top of the cup rather than sink to the bottom of the drink.

As the toppings remain “floating” in the Tritan inner cup, one can simply sip on their milk tea and let the pearls flow simultaneously โ€” the perfect marriage of refreshing milk tea and sweet chewiness that makes bubble tea so addictive.

Source: FLOAT

According to the product’s description,

“Let ingredients flow to the mouth with the tea cooled by ice at the same time in every sip of drink”.


Meaning, your pearls stay ice cold for longer. If this wasn’t a consideration before, it definitely is now.

The description also goes on to state that the Tristan inner cup sets the ice cubes to the middle portion of the cup, leading to a better temperature and flavour balance to the beverage.

Source: FLOAT
Source: FLOAT

True to the strong bubble tea culture in Tawain, the designers seem to take their bubble tea very, very seriously. And we reckon we will too, once we get our hands on a FLOAT cup.

No to plastic

The design doesn’t just forego the plastic straws, the outer cup is made from recycled glass that lends to its sleek design.

Source: FLOAT

Spring Pool Glass, an environmentally-conscious glass service company, provides the recycled glass bodies of the FLOAT cup and the design is actually the result of a one-year collaborative effort with the Taiwanese duo.

The other accessories are completely removable too, in case you’re worried about its ease of cleaning. With great design comes great functionality.

Source: FLOAT

The FLOAT’s Behance page has already garnered plenty of positive reactions:

Now it begs the question, where can we get our hands on one.

All photos were taken from Behance FLOAT.