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This L-shaped oasis of green is designed to accommodate the vision of a large, modern family siblings with their own families all under one cohesive, private structure.

For big families who believe that greenery is good for the soul, the Ficus House by Guz Architects is a breath of fresh air. The sprawling grounds surrounding the two-storey house features thoughtful landscaping and natural ponds befitting of a tropical home.

The the L-shaped layout is both aesthetic and practical. This ingenuity allows for the necessary privacy between two households and at the same time connects the two with interconnected social spaces and a common courtyard.

At a glance, sweeping bio-ponds, natural pools with water features and roof gardens that make up the main features of the stunning abode makes a big visual impact.

The roof of the house when seen from above, features split-levels of green terraces and planters to ensure that all inhabitants have their own private access to relaxing green spaces. The attic, for example, holds a commanding view over the neighbourhood and is replete with roof gardens and its own bio-pond.

Upon closer inspection, there are natural wonders that intrigues the viewer at every turn.

Bio-ponds are situated strategically around the house to help keep the heat down. These tranquil water bodies interplay with well-designed shading devices to subdue the intensity of your average sunny day in Singapore.

Within the home, walkways and balconies with ample of natural light connect the areas of the house.

All photos of the Ficus House were taken from Patrick Bingham-Hall (